Applied ETA Pte Ltd
Applied ETA Pte Ltd
Applied ETA Pte Ltd is an established company provide technical and system solutions for research laboratories. 
We strive to help every customer to achieve ultimate efficiency in laboratory operation.

Applied ETA Pte Ltd is the appointed distribtuor for the KoreaKiyon glove box system. Koreakiyon has an over 20 years of proven record in design and manufacturing glove box system. 
Engineering Services

We provides maintenance, repair for your laboratory facilities and laboratory equipment. We design and custom-made test fixtures for processes or operation.

Laboratory Supplies

We supplies spare parts, consumables for general laboratory needs, materials and consumables for battery research.
Contact Information

20 Maxwell Road #09-17
Maxwell House
Singapore 069113
Tel: +65 6408 9629
Fax: +65 6399 3699
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